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Whole 30 Meal/Snack Ideas

Hi again!

As I stated in my previous introductory blog, there are healthy, non-inflammatory, no guilt alternatives (Whole 30 approved) to the common default when the words "carbs" and "fats" are presented in a conversation. Breads, other grains, baked goods and pastas, especially when not organic, are not the only way to achieve fullness after a meal and sustainable energy. In my opinion/experience, they are not the best way either at all with how things are processed in this country. Maybe 100 years ago, or in Scotland and Spain, but not in America.

I was turned on to these options listed below by the nutritionist I mentioned prior from our gym:


Squashes (i.e. zuchinni, spaghetti, butternut)

Potatoes - mostly red and sweet if possible


Fruit (I rarely eat fruit, though, because its typically high sugar)


Other Root/Stem Veggies (yucca, parsnips)



(Cauliflower Rice or Mash is a good filler as well)



Cooking oils (olive, avocado, coconut)


Meats like bacon (nitrite and sugar free)

Fatty Fish

Ghee (clarified butter)

Eggs (also protein)

How to Dress Things Up:

Dressings: Make your own (Whole 30 book has recipes) or Tessemae's!!

Seasonings from Trader Joes to get you through include 21 Seasoning Salute, Everything but the Bagel, Cayenne, Cumin, Chipotle Chilli Pepper Powder

Substitutes for dairy and grains: vegan nut cheese, ghee, coconut milk, coconut/almond flour...

Some snack ideas that include all four categories:

  • A handful of nuts (fat), pickles, natural and nitrite-free deli meat

  • Fruit, coconut milk, vanilla pea protein powder (AFTER Whole 30), and spinach smoothie

  • Salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, onion, prepped grilled chicken

  • Banana or apple with almond butter (or a nut/chocolate free Lara bar), cucumbers, beef jerky stick

  • **While working full time, I used to break up odd combos and have the sweet item first, then savory or salty a little later. It is hard to pack a snack and find time to consume it during a busy work day, I know.

Meal ideas:

  • Eggs over medium over skillet potatoes or zucchini cooking in extra virgin olive oil and baked brussels

  • Sautéed ground beef, kale, chopped asparagus, garlic and onion, over cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash

  • Stir fry mix (remove snap peas and corns if on Whole 30), coconut milk, aidells jalapeño chicken sausage

  • Crock Pot whole chicken with fresh rosemary, onion, garlic, carrots/butternut squash, red potatoes, green beans

  • Chipotle Pulled Pork (this recipe and more on my Instagram @juliashealy Whole 30 highlight), mashed cauliflower, green apple salad with kale or spinach

  • Salmon with TJ’s vegan or your own homemade pesto,

It helps to have on hand some roasted veggies (with yummy seasonings on a cooking sheet at 425 for 30 minutes), and bake or grill some chicken on Sunday for the week. You will be golden, pony boy. You can throw them all in a bowl and top with hot sauce or a runny egg!

Peace and love,

Julia Shealy

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